Unova Technologies provides state-of-the-art  unmanned and data centric technologies which enable system of systems in support of network-centric operations.


Our research and development of mission critical technologies enables warfighters and first responders advanced situation awareness and understanding of their environment within time-critical mission constraints. A User-centric approach is employed with our technology development based on human factors and cognitive theory to ensure the end user is an integral part of the technology design, implementation and operational assessment.

Innovation is at the core of our technology framework. Our integrated team of scientists and engineers continually try to advance the current state of technology to solve real world problems facing the national security of the United States.

To overcome the technical challenges of supervisory control of unmanned vehicles operating with multiple environmental domains, our innovative mission critical software solutions incorporate goal based software agent autonomy, open standards, Semantic Service Oriented Architectures (SSOA), probabilistic ontologies, and semantic reasoning inference engines to name a few. Our Human Computer Interfaces (HCI) contain various levels of human-machine automation for portrayal of information based on a user’s role and task at hand.
Integrating Space, Air, Cyberspace and Land with Intuitive User-centric Supervisory Control HCIs.